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Frictionless support reaction

    • JDO2597

      I'm doing a simulation on a beam in Transient Structural. Right now I'm using frictionless supports on 4 faces of the beam and a hinge using remote displacement, which would be equivalent to a fixed support. However I decided to use this frictionless supports and remote displacement because the beam is supported that way and I want to probe the reactions of each face in contact with the beam and the hinge. The problem is that once I probe the reaction of the frictionless supports, the reaction forces' direction are normal to the surface (which is expected) but in the opposite way (pulling the beam instead of pushing it. There are also reactions tangent to the surface and Moment reactions which should not appear since it is a frictionless support. Any idea why?  It must be noted that the warning "Large deformation effects are active which may have invalidated some of your applied supports such as displacement, cylindrical, frictionless, or compression only.  Refer to Troubleshooting in the Help System for more details" appeared once the simulation ended, is this related? Am I missing something?

      In the image, reaction forces go from pushing the beam (-Y axis) to pulling it (+Y axis), which is phisically impossible. Thanks!

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Please post an inline image of your Boundary conditions as well for better understanding of the question.


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