FSI 2-way Method – Post processing

    • mathansambu

      Hi to all,
      Currently i working in Flow induced vibration on cantilver beam. I successfully completed the FSI 2-way using system coupling method in workbench.
      Now im having issue on how to transfer the surface pressure made by the flow (fluent) to Transient (C-Beam) and obtain the harmonic response created from there.
      As in external source tutorials, able to connect transient solution to Fluent result, but im not able to link up either since im using ANSYS 2021-R2.
      Hoping that any experts can guide me on this issue?

    • Karthik R


      How did you set up your FSI data transfers? Could you please provide a screenshot?


      • mathansambu

        Hi Mr. Karthik,

        FSI Data Transfer from System Coupling setup.

        Data Transfer - Fluid to Transient

        Data Transfer - Transient to Fluid


    • mathansambu

      Hi everyone,

      Anybody can assist / guide me on this matter.

      Thank you.

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