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General Mechanical

FSI Case problem

    • abdoomer199

      My study includes the investigation of sloshing water in an elevated tank

      It always corrupts due to Dynamic mesh
      (DP 0) Update-Dynamic-Mesh failed. Negative cell volume detected.

      Or Floating point exception

      These were my setup for transient and fluent






      Whats wrong with these settings ?!

    • peteroznewman


      I’m not a Fluent expert. The one time I did a VOF model, after Initialization all the cells are filled with Phase 1. I had to Patch the cells that I wanted to start with Phase 2 before starting the simulation. I don’t see you doing a Patch operation. For example, if the tank is half filled with water, then you would patch water into the bottom half of the cells, leaving air in the top half of the tank.

      Also, it seems like you have selected to top face of the cube as both a wall and an outlet, which might be a mistake.

    • abdoomer199

      Thanks for being interested
      I did Patched the bottom cells 
      The top face is a Pressure Outlet

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