FSI (fluent-transient structural)

    • nanbolkeza
      I am simulating air flow around a plate inducing flutter to the plate, using Transient Structural coupled with Fluid flow fluent and a system coupling, but I receive this error message whenever I update the solution in system coupling.
      Update failed for the solution component in System coupling. The coupled update for system Transient Structural threw an exception. Error updating cell solution in system transient structural. View the messages in the mechanical editor for more details.

      Please can someone help?
    • Raef.Kobeissi
      Hello Are you using the Student Academic version?
    • learn13

      I have a similar concern.

      Using Ansys v17.1 with Research and Teaching license.  Structural, fluent, and 1-way FSI simulations work fine.  Two-way FSI utilizing coupling gives errors relating to coupling.  This includes following the oscillating plate tutorial and geometry provided by Ansys.

      Is another license needed to complete these kinds of simulations?


    • peteroznewman
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