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FSI – highly distorted elements

    • NicoKlein

      Good morning,

      I am currently simulating a fluid-structure interaction of a channel driven cavity flow and a plate with pulsatile flow. The velocity profile is sinusoidal. With a sine frequency of 1 Hz, everything worked. But now I raised the frequency to 2 Hz and I get the error highly distorted element every time.

      The mesh quality of the solid plate and the fluid domain is really good with aspect ratios < 1.3 and element quality > 0.98.

      What I am wondering about is the huge change in the receiving force within one coupling step:

      Coupling Iteration 2 

           RECEIVING FORCE FX SUM = -0.31654E-02
           RECEIVING FORCE FY SUM =   6.3474   
           RECEIVING FORCE FZ SUM = -0.16165E-05

      Coupling Iteration 3

           RECEIVING FORCE FX SUM =   26551.   
           RECEIVING FORCE FY SUM = -0.32817E+11
           RECEIVING FORCE FZ SUM = -0.25715E+06

      Can anyone help to find the reason for the errors? I defined the material Aluminum only with density, Young's Modulus and Poissons ratio - is that enough?


      Thanks in advance!

    • NicoKlein

      In addition to that: the time step size of the transient analysis is 0.02 s

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