FSI- mesh updating takes forever

    • 1993saurav


      I am running a FSI model with ALE . At a certain point during the simulation,I notice that fluent takes a lot of time for the mesh to update and eventually gets stuck. Sometimes,it gives a negative cell volume but mostly it's just stuck and I have to force close fluent to troubleshoot and restart the sim.I have noticed that enabling the sizing function overcomes some of this issue but again the same problem recurs after a few time step.To briefly summarize my model, its an aortic valve whose leaflets open and close and this issue persists when the valve leaflets are trying to close or get back to its starting position. I have a velocity inlet and pressure outlet.


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Check the cell count and gap sizes. You may be trying to add too many cells. 

    • nindoumon


      Have you solved your problems?

      Actually, I also met some problems like you.

      Could you please give me some advice. 

      Thank you. 

      My problem page:https://forum.ansys.com/forums/topic/update-failed-for-solution-component-in-system-coupling-2-way-fsi-of-aortic-valve-simulation/

    • Ankusham


      i am also working on heart valve design. In my case during system coupling large deformation is encountered in the leaflet section. in one way fsi my model is working fine but in case of two way fsi this problem is encountered. i am also not able to incorporate ALE in my problem. 

      could you please give some tips.

      Thank you

      my problem page is https://forum.ansys.com/forums/topic/arbitrary-lagrangian-eulerian-method/?order=all#comment-4baf9e55-15fd-4361-9601-ab680097ea61

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