FSI – system coupling – 1 dof VIV of a cylinder – spring

    • Yasinmasumi1992


      I want to use the ANSYS (FLUENT+TRANSIENT STRUCTURAL+system coupling) To solve a FSI problem (1 dof VIV of  a cylinder).

      I can solve this problem with just the fluent and a UDF.

      Also, I can solve a flexible splitter plate by using  ANSYS (FLUENT+TRANSIENT STRUCTURAL+system coupling) .

      But, when I want to solve the 1 dof VIV of  a cylinder in ANSYS, I have to use a spring in the TRANSIENT STRUCTURAL software. But the Y displacement is damped after a few number of oscillations. Is there any problem with the FSI and defining a spring in the TRANSIENT STRUCTURAL software?

      The blue line is the correct answer.  by using Fluent and a UDF. 

      The red line is a wrong answer by using  ANSYS (FLUENT+TRANSIENT STRUCTURAL+system coupling).

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