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FSI with time interval to transfer data!

    • Nguyen Van Toan
      Hello everyone!nI'm simulating FSI with Fluent and Transient structural modules.nThe timestep is 1e-6 (set in Systemcoupling). How can I set time interval to transfer data which is different from timestep? ( That means timestep is 1e-6 but the data is transfered every 1e-3)nThank you so much!n
    • Ashish Khemka
      Forum Moderator
      Hi,nnPlease see if the following post may be of help to you:nn

      I'm performing one-way FSI simulation with Fluent and Structures using system coupling module.My question is: Is it possible to define a specific time step for Fluent model, other for the Structures model (being a multiple of the Fluent one) and then define a system coupling equal to the Structures?As example: Fluent time step: 0.01Structures time step: 0.1System Coupling time step: 0.1So, fluent model performs 10 time steps and then transfer the data for the structural model.Thanks

      nRegards,nAshish Khemkan
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