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Function mess balance in fluid flow

    • Mita Dwi Purwanti
      Permission to ask, I don't understand mess balance in the pictrue, what is the function of the mess balance in fluid flow, thank you

    • Ilham Rido Arsono

      Hello Mita, in ANSYS simulation, a mass balance calculation is performed to ensure that the mass of fluid entering a domain is equal to the mass leaving the domain. This is an important check to ensure that the simulation results are accurate and reliable.

      The mass balance calculation involves evaluating the difference between the mass flow rate at the inlet and outlet boundaries of the domain. If the difference is significant, it indicates that there are errors in the simulation setup or the boundary conditions.

      By performing a mass balance check, the user can identify and correct any errors or inconsistencies in the simulation setup, which can help to improve the accuracy and reliability of the simulation results.

      In summary, the mass balance calculation in ANSYS is a crucial function that helps to ensure the accuracy and reliability of fluid flow simulations by verifying that the mass of fluid entering and leaving the domain is consistent. Thank you.

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