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FWD: Problem with Campbell Diagram

    • mohammedlaminemekhalfia

      I use this machine  : HP 470 G7 17,3 i7-10510U/16GB/1TB SSD/R530-2GB/DVD/W10P.


      I hope this post will find all users well,

      as a followup for my problem considering the plot for campbell diagram for a Bladed disk (60 blades).

      I performed yestreday another simulation: to have the following error

    • Sheldon Imaoka
      Ansys Employee

      Hi mohammedlaminemekhalfia,

      Usually, I believe that Campbell Diagrams are created when you have the disc and shaft - how would you get forward/backward whirls if you are just modeling and constraining the disc?  Also, the procedure usually assumes axisymmetric geometry (since the rotating part(s) are not actually rotating).

      The Ansys documentation has more details on the assumptions and procedures related to generating Campbell diagrams, so please review that material.  (Under "Mechanical APDL" section, "Rotordynamics Analysis Guide")


      • mohammedlaminemekhalfia

        Thanks a lot for the feedback, I was waiting a lot for it.

        I read the manual but it say that can not plot campbell diagram for more than 10 modes, even m disc is considered symetric but it has nearly 30 nodal diameter , I did not add the shaft as I consider that the shaft does not have anyi impact on the disc and the damping effect is negligeable !

        to plot the campbell diagram for the 3rd mode in my case, I need to extract 2XNDX3 = 180 modes. I do not know if that included in the recent version or the limits on the modes number is still applied, reminding that I am using the simplest rotordynamic case.

        again thanks a lot for the feedback.

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