Gauge command aborted

    • piotr.kucia


      I am trying to solve a simulation in ANSYS magnetostatic, something that is the same as in this tutorial:

      Whenever I try to solve I get an error message with an unknown error. After delving into the solver output, I can find a message about gauge command being aborted. I would very much appreciate any advice on what may cause this problem.

      Regards, Piotr

    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee

      Hi piotr.kucia the elements used by that WB system do not support contact, so traditionally the most likely issue is that the model is not fully connected.  Since your model uses a multi-body part this is probably not the case, but it would not hurt to check.  Turn on the node numbering; go to a wireframe view; and just move/rotate/zoom the model a bit to see if you can spot any node numbers that cannot be read (two nodes on top of each other and the node numbers are too).


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