GDS2 export of overlapping objects


    • bibaaa12


      I was wondering if there was a convenient way of exporting a structure that uses overlapping objects as a GDS2 file.

      I have a slab of Silicon with a strip of air (index 1) and I have the meshing order set so that I end up with a slab of Si with the air object cut out.

      Is there a way to export this to GDS2?

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      If I am correct, as far as I remember, the GDS output files output geometries in layers, and no mesh order information is recorded. In the "model "tree, The order of the geometries is important for the same mesh order: the second geometry will override the first geometry if they overlap. As an example, the ring will override the rectangle :

      If your structure has complicated overlap, I would suggest that you may need to simplify them if possible, and make sure the imported GDS shows the original overlap.

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