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Generate a volume mesh from given surface mesh

    • Jerry Choi

      I have already meshed a surface mesh and I want to generate a volume mesh from it without destroy my surface mesh. While I import the mesh file into Ansys Mechanical and the software won't consider it as a volume so I  can't generate a volume mesh. I wonder if I import a file with the surface mesh and the geometry could solve this problem?  And if it is possible for Mechanical to deal with it?


      What's more, I also try the pyansys to deal with it but pyansys always return some unknown error. I try to use '

      meshParams.volume_fill_type = prime.VolumeFillType.HEXCORETET' to generate a hex dominate mesh but failed. And I also use a cubic to have a try but pyansys can't generate a neat Hexahedral volume Mesh. I wonder if there is a example of using pyansys to generate a hexhedral mesh directly(do not use the sweep method)
      Thx! :)
    • peteroznewman

      The normal workflow is to take those surfaces into SpaceClaim and use the Stitch tool on the Repair tab to create a single solid that has those faces.  Does the solid body represent a Structural body or a Fluid domain?

      Why do you want to maintain the surface mesh?

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