generating random runs in ansys maxwell

    • Sun1234

      Dear all,

      I am trying to generate data for building a fault diagnostic system for a synchonous generator using ansys maxwell. i require lots of data. In a real machine everytime we run the machine even under same conditions of load etc... we get currents and voitage waveforms that are slightly different. But in ansys maxwell every time when i run the  machine under same condtions i get excatly the same waveforms. how can i get the current and voltage waveforms like that of a real machine where there are slight differences between each run. should i change any random seed for each run or any other setting to be changed. I am stuck with this particular issue since along time someone can kindly help me. 

      thanks in advance


    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Sun1234,

             Maxwell is FEA tool and calculate machine performance based on input. When having same input, we should get the same results for each simulation.

             However, in real situations, we may have some discrepancies for each test because of temperature, speed tolerance, voltage distortion, etc.

              If you could change them, you may get different results. You could measure current and use them as input in Maxwell model. Thanks.


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