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Geometric Nonlinearity

    • Venugopalb

      Hello all!

      I am doing nonlinear buckling analysis in an ellipsoidal dome. Somewhat the buckling analysis is over. Now I would like to add nonlinearities

      I already added material nonlinearity, also looking to add Geometric nonlinearity to the structure. Can u tell me hoe to geometric nonlinearity?

      Also, I have one question, Is geometric nonlinearity and geometric imperfections are same or different?

      Thanking you.

      Looking for your reply

    • peteroznewman

      You engage geometric nonlinearity under Analysis Settings by turning on Large Deflection.

      This is separate from geometric imperfections, which are usually added by taking a small fraction of the linear buckling deformation solution and adding it to your model before the nonlinear static structural load is applied.  Search this site for examples of how to do that.

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