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Geometry Areas and Symmetries transfer after ACP

    • AchilleasMil


      I have formed some specific faces on surface bodies in Spaceclaim , where I want to put thermal loads on afterwards in the setup.

      But my model is a composite structure and I want to see the temperature plot on each ply, so I use ACP Pre, create a solid model and then link it to a stady state thermal analysis.

      The thing is that after opening the model in the thermal analysis mechanical, the faces I made in Spaceclaim, are not there , so I cannot choose the specific area to apply the load on.

      The same thing happens after having set a symmetry before the ACP Pre, the symmetry is not transfered afterwards in the mechanical in a static structural analysis, and I can also not set it there (inside the mechanical).

      Is there something I can do to transfer these features after using ACP Pre?





    • April Wang
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Achilleas,

      To have the surfaces exposed to the structural and thermal analysis, you will need to create Named Selection in ACP Pre, see below.


      For now, symmetry is not support for model from ACP. The workaround could be add displacement control to approximate the symmetry condition.





    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Achilleas,


      I agree with April, displacement control will give you similar behavior.



      Ashish Khemka

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