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Geometry closed abnormally

    • jpabraham

      With ANSYS 19.2, when I start ANSYS Workbench and try to create a new geometry in Spaceclaim, the software crashes with this message:

      "The geometry editor was closed abnormally".

         This problem doesn't occur with DESIGNMODELER.  But, now my ANSYS cannot be used and I need help.,

    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Try the following commands in CMD Prompt

      move "%appdata%ansys" "%appdata%ansys.old"

      move "%appdata%spaceclaim" "%appdata%spaceclaim.old"

      move "%localappdata%spaceclaim" "%localappdata%spaceclaim.old"

      does this help ?

      If not, what if you launch a stand-alone SpaceClaim (SCDM), do you get the same issue ?




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