3D Design

3D Design

geometry not showing volume and mass in modelling option

    • abhay mahar

      in geometry model showing all properties but in modeling process it is not showing volume and mass property and showing some geometry problemgeometry error, not showing vol. and mass

      in DM geometry showing volume but in modeling it is showing geometry error. it is not showing volume and mass plz explain this problem

    • peteroznewman

      Try assigning a material that has a density property defined and see if the Mass and Volume are calculated.

      In Mechanical, click on the body named SURF under the Geometry branch. In the Details window is a Material branch and an Assignment line. Use the pulldown to select Structural Steel, which is the default material and has a density.

      If that worked, you can open Engineering Data and create your own material with a different density, and change the assignment in Mechanical.



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