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geometry problem

    • luigia

      Hi it's the first time I use ansys and I would like to create a plane with some holes. I have been able to create the sketch and go back to 3D so I obtained from a curve a surface but I would like to obtai a body. I sketched the circles for the hole but i've not been able to obtain them. i tried with the tool standard holes and the tool remouve face. I think that the main problem is that i should obtain a body, not a surface.               Thank you for your attention


    • peteroznewman

      Hi Luigia,

      Are you sketching in SpaceClaim or DesignModeler?  What version of ANSYS are you using?

      In SpaceClaim, after you sketch an outline, you use the Pull tool to turn it into a 3D solid.  You can then sketch on a face of that solid and Pull a hole through the solid.

      It would be helpful if you reply and include an image of your geometry or Attach a workbench project archive.

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