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Geometry Scope for Arbitrary crack method

    • Divya Giri


      I am trying to generate an arbitrary crack in a bamboo model (which is a combination of different parts). As I edit the crack parameters, I couldn't scope the whole geometry into the Geometry section. Is it because the model is not a single body? If yes, how can I make sure that the whole geometry is scoped for the Arbitrary crack method? 

      Any help regarding this would be highly appreciated. 


      Best Regards,

      Divya Giri

    • Vinayak Vipradas
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Divya, 

      You can scope a geometry selection of an Arbitrary Crack to one solid body only. Moreover, you can only use one surface body while scoping a crack surface, and the surface body cannot be enclosed inside the solid body.

      Thanks & Regards, 
      Vinayak Vipradas



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