Get Force-displ curve from same system with different material parameters

    • drevsh


      I have a certain static structural model and I want to analyze the different Force-displacement simulation curves with my experimental data. The only change in the model are the material parameters (e.g., Neo-Hookean model Mu and D1). It is possible to automate this process with different parameter sets and solve the same system, and obtain the force-displacement curves? When using parametrization, I only can see one point in the curve, so I would like to get the whole curve for each parameter set without doing it manually. I appreciate any help or indications. Thank you

    • Bill Bulat
      Ansys Employee

      I think you could parameterize the mu and D1 values in Engineering Data:

      In Mechanical, you can create a chart of force versus delection:


      You could then use the Parameter Manager to create a table of design points, each having its own mu and D1 values. Be sure to retain all of your design points in the Paramater Manager.

      After updating all the design points, you can open an instance of Mechanical for each of the retained design points. Each would contain a force deflection graph for that model's values of mu and D1.

      I hope that works for you.







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