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Get linearized stress on a path using cyclic symmetry

    • AAAbdelnabi


      I want to get linearized stress on a path using cyclic symmetry in thermal stresses one-way couples model in ANSYS Workbench.

      I am modelling 1/4 pipe with constant temp boundary conditions and  I displacement boundary condition at one of the ends.

      I followed SimuTech Group video " How to Include Cyclic Symmetry and Path Results in ANSYS Mechanical Workbench" where a commands (APDL) is used with a command line or function (cpcyc,all,,999,,45,,0) but the model couldn't solve, said errors and warnings exceeded 200 and  give me this warning:

       *** WARNING ***                         CP =      40.344   TIME= 19:20:58

       Specified constraints on slave degrees of freedom in a coupled set are not allowed.  The constraint on this degree of freedom has been removed: coupled set number 93, slave node 138079, UZ. 

      I don't what is wrong with the coupling.

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Does your model involve large rotations? if large rotations are involved CPCYC will not work and you will need to do a full model for this case.

      Have you specified the coordinate system ID? Is angle 45 degrees? Is match control used to match mesh on the faces?


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