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Get Load Step Progress while doing APDL Batch run

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    • Daniel Neubauer

      Hello everyone,

      I'm running APDL in batch mode, called from MATLAB. The calculation I do has a high number of load steps ranging up to 6000. As each step does take around 20 sec, I'd like to get some information on solving progress by getting the latest solved load step (or similar) as an indicator of progress.

      Matlab waits for the system exec to be done, so I cannot track progress by reading the output file by matlab - at least not on my level of Matlab knowledge! Also manually reding the out file does not work since my computer cannot open the file thorugh editor as it becomes too large. Is there any other way APDL can transfer a message while solving?

      Highly appreciating any idea or suggestion in which direction to search.

      best regards


    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee



      You should be able to see the solution progress in the solve.out file.

      Hope this helps 


    • Bill Bulat
      Ansys Employee

      In case you need some additional details to what Erik said, I can say that if MAPDL was called from MATLAB using a command such as one of the following:


      then you can open the text file outputname with any text editor. The file gets updated periodically as batch solutions proceed.


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