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Get UPF return value from Mechanical APDL input file

    • harald

      Recently, I started working with UPFs. Right now I chiefly work with UPF-functions, however, I want to use UPF-subroutines soon.

      With UPF-functions I manage to do the following:

      • send messages to the output,

      • calculate within the UPF-Fortran file, and

      • return any variable value via text output.

      Now I want to store the UPF-function's return value as  parameter in APDL. Which APDL command does the magic?

      As you can see below, I use a batch file (Code 1) to run a Mechanical APDL input file (Code 2) in batch mode. Within Code 2, user01.f (*) is set to be an UPF. For testing, I execute user01.f by issuing the command usr1. This command should be replaced by an appropriate one, storing the UPF-function's return value as parameter.I thought on something like *set,myParam,myReturn , but did not succeed up know.

      Finally, a general question: Is the idea of calculating something within a function and handing over the result to APDL okay, or not acceptable at all?

      (*) I copied the file to my working directory, which is available from ANSYS Incv180ansyscustomizeuseruser01.f (OS Windows). The code is also available in ANSYS Help Viewer (Go to (Ctrl+Shift+D) help/ans_prog/Hlp_P_UPFDEFCMD.html#c7K4r2c9lcd ).

      REM set environment variables
      set ANS_USER_PATH=%~dp0
      set ANS_USE_UPF=TRUE

      REM set working directory
      cd /d %~dp0

      REM launch MAPDL
      ansys180 -b -i input.inp -o output.txt

      REM set environment variable ANS_USER_UPF to FALSE

      Code 1: Batch file used to run the ANSYS input file (Code 2).


      /gopr           ! PRINTOUT RESUMED BY /GOP
      *del,all        ! DELETE ALL USER PARAMETERS
      /upf,user01.f   ! linking user programmable feature into Mechanical APDL
      usr1            ! which command stores the return value of usr1 to a variable?
      /EOF            ! End Of File

      Code 2: ANSYS input file


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