Getting an error while solving the Maxwell model

    • sana ullah

      HI I am getting an error and i dont understand why i am getting the error , can you please help , the error is below

      "Failed to recover wired body"


    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Hi sana,

      Please check the below options.

      Is your design validating without errors if you validate the it before starting the simulation?

      If you created any objects in your model using polylines, make sure the lines are covered properly.

      Please share some screenshots of the model.




    • sana ullah

      Dear Navya 

      I was able to solve the problem, i just made segments of rotor and then rotated it, when i was trying to make the full model in a single go then i was getting that error, thought i covered the lines which you mentioned. But by rotating the segments, it does not show that error any more, its strange but solved. 

      Thank you very much for the reply 

      Kind regards


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