getting fluent to initialize for each input parameter in a parameter study in WB

    • reza121

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      I am running a parameter study in Workbench where my inlet flow velocity is set as the input parameter and the pressure at the inlet (pressure drop in my channel) is set as an output parameter. The velocities vary from 0.005m/s to 5m/s. Right now, Fluent is using the generated data for the vel=0.005 case, which is the first design point, and then changes the input parameter and starts the calculations from there without initializing the domain. This will cause the software to start from initial cell values that can be quite far from the correct answer (i.e. starting from vel=0.005 and trying to converge to the right values for the vel=5m/s case for example). As a result, convergence requires a lot more iterations and is slower. Is there any way (perhaps in the WB settings) to get fluent to initialize the setup for each of the input parameters and not use the previously generated data?

      Thanks for your help in advance

      residual plot for vel=0.005 m/s case

      residual plot for vel=5m/s case where it has initially started from the vel=0.005 generated data



    • Rob
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      Have a look at the Solution Properties, Line 17. 

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