Getting “Latent Heat can not be less than zero” error in Condensation simulation

    • ahkhoshbooie


      I am trying to simulate water-vapor condensation, using VOF model. When adding materials from Fluent database, I manually add the values of Latent Heat:

      Zero for water-liquid and for Air, and 43987714 j/Kgmol for water-vapor.

      When starting the calculation, it gives "Latent Heat can not be less than zero" error.

      I tried running the same geometry as an Evaporation simulation (reversed BC and starting with water-liquid at inlet, instead of vapor), it did not give the Latent Heat related error and based on attached contour, seems that Evaporation is actually happening and there is water-vapor in the domain.

      I would appreciate any comment on this.


    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      Verify if you are defining the phase change as from "liquid" to "gasesous" phase

    • ahkhoshbooie


      Thank you DrAmine, I was defining it as “liquid” to “vapor” for Evaporation and as “vapor” to “liquid” for Condensation, the later seemed not to be correct. Changed it as you mentioned and the error did not show up.

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