Getting low values of electric field in ANSYS

    • kushagra.kirtiman

      I am doing ANSYS Maxwell simulation of Taylors cone with different materials such as PTFE, PEEK and Silicon. The electrostatic fluid used is EMI-BF4 which modelled as cylinder with Cone on top of it. The fluid is filled in holes of size 200um in the PTFE sheet. When I am changing the material of the sheet, I am still getting the same value of electric field. The electrodes are modelled in with air between them. I am getting low values of electric field in order of 10^7 while I should get it around 10^9. Can anyone point out the mistake I am doing?

      I am applying 6500 volts between the dielectric liquid(Which modeled as a cone) and aluminium extractor electrode

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Hi @kushagra.kirtiman,

      It is difficult to understand your model arrangement from the field plot you provided.

      Can you provide more detailed screenshots of how your model looks with annotations of the parts?

      Which solution type are you using? and which boundary conditions are applied?

      what is your reference for the results you are comparing with?




    • kushagra.kirtiman


      Thanks a lot for your reply, I have attached the front and bottom view of my CAD file with annotations. I am Electrostatic analysis of ANSYS MAXWEL. I am trying to find the electric field between the Ionic liquid( Modelled as a cylindrical cone) and the grounded extractor electrode


      The material properties used are 

      PTFE - electrical conductivity - 1E-23 S/m AND 2.1 (Relative permitivity)

      Ionic Liquid - electrical conductivity - 0.04 S/m  AND 23.69 (Relative permitivity)

      Aluminium(Extractor electrode- set at ground) - electrical conductivity - 3E-7 AND 1 (Relative permittivity)



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