getting power as function of frequency/wavelength from point time monitor

    • ferruccio.pisanello


      How one can get power in the frequency domain from a time point source monitor? The "results" section of point source monitor has a "spectrum" dataset which contains the E and H fields data as a function of frequency (looks like an fft of E(t) and H(t) fields). But it does not have P for all these frequencies. Also i think point integration is not possible with integrate fuction? 



    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      You can get the Purcell factor from the dipole source, which is dipower_radiated_power/source_power_in_homogeneuous_material

      source_power_in_homogeneuous_material can be obtained by sourcepower:

      sourcepower - Script command

      dipolepower - Script command

      Understanding dipoles in non-homogeneous materials

      Purcell factor of a microdisk

      You can also get the radiation spectrum from the point time monitor.

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