Getting power fraction of a certain waveguide mode from E-field profile obtained in FDTD

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    • SCL

      Hello. I'm trying to calculate the coupling efficiency of a tapered waveguide.

      I also need to optimize the dimension of the entry facet, and the angle of the tapered portion of the waveguide.

      I used to FDTD to obtain the transmission and field profile inside the waveguide after the tapered portion,

      but I am only interested in how much energy was coupled to the TE00 mode of the waveguide.

      However the field profile seems vastly different from the TE00 mode I obtained using MODE, and I believe modes other than TE00 mode has been coupled with the input Gaussian beam.

      How do I extract the power fraction of the TE00 mode? Is there a tool provided by Lumerical / Ansys? Do I have to obtain the field distribution data and do some calculation myself? If so, what kind of theory should I look for?

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      Q: How do I extract the power fraction of the TE00 mode?
      A: you can use port to select TE mode and get its transmission. Please refer port and mode expansion monitor: Ports (FDTD) - Simulation Object Using and understanding Mode Expansion Monitors
      You do not need to use the field data and do your own calculation.
      A side note: you can use EME to optimize the taper.
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