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getting results from autodyn to workbench

    • Ahmed Taher


      I am using autodyn sodtware, i finished my analysis, it was about a charge that was contact with a column. so, i wanted to get the results in ansys workbench and apply additional force after it finished analysis. in other words, in an experimental way, i get the columns that was subjected to blast load, and apply additional axial load on it (to get residual stress). is there a way to get results from autodyn and apply them in ansys workbench?



    • Chris Quan
      Ansys Employee

      Actually, you don't need to run the post-blast analysis in ANSYS Workbench. You can continue the analysis in the same Autodyn model.

      You can apply the Axial Load to the column with the zero force during blast stage and the force starts at the end of the blast stage.

      Models can be transffered from Explicit Dynamics system to Autodyn Component system in Workbench. But models cannot be transferred from Autodyn system to Explicit Dynamics system.

      Since multi-material Euerl solver and detonation points are already available in Workbench Explicit Dynamics system, you may conduct both blast and post-blast analyses together in a single Explicit Dynamics system.

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