Getting Started with Linear Motor Modelling

    • Junias Amunyela

      Hello, everyone

      I have recently installed the Ansys student version and would like to use it to simulate a linear induction motor. I, however, have no clue where to start.  Is there anyone to point me to any resources that could help me accelerate my learning of this software, specifically the modelling of linear induction motors? I'm a bit pressed with time and would greatly appreciate your help. 

      Many thanks.


    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Junias,

             We can use axial flux motor example in RMxpt to generate 2D Maxwell. This 2D Maxwell model could be considered as linear motor. The axial flux motor 's examples are in C:\Program Files\AnsysEM\v231\Win64\Examples\RMxprt\afpm.


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