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Discovery Import

Getting transmission value more than 1

    • sagar

      I am facing the issue with transmission value, I am getting more than 1. As I have increased the size of the monitor (Placed just top of the simulated structure), the transmission value is giving more than 1. I found this article:

       But could not understand the reason properly. Also, I increased the simulation time and did autoshutoff disable, but still no improvement. Just simulation time is increased. Please suggest how to solve the problem. Thank you. 

    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee


      Could you please specify which ANSYS product are you using?

      This Forum is meant for queries related to Ansys Discovery product. For queries on other Ansys Products, please use the Ansys Customer Portal for support.

      If you have a Student license, please post your query on the Ansys Learning Forum.

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