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GISSMO model

    • ametist91

      I need an example of a GISSMO damage model for any metal.  I will add this situation as a keyword to the WB LSDYNA side.

      If you can share an example with me in this regard, I would be very happy.  I could not find any literature on the card below. What is the difference between using the old card and using this card? Also, if you have any documents about the new card, I would be glad if you can share it. (I'm looking for other than manuel) And I need sample of any metal material.

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee
      This video:nnn
    • ramgopisetti
      Hi ametist , why do you are looking for adding GISSMO to the deck, why not model the material with damage criteria. Many inbuilt LSDYNA support good material models such as Johnsone cook with 4 damage variables or Steinberge Guinan Strength for ductile material or use JH1or JH2 material model for the Brittle Material, is there any reason for choosign the GISSMO model. why dont use the simple plastic strain (EPS ) criterial to model the damage by looking into histroy variables. Can you able to elobrate the use of the your model.n
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