Give Ansys more Ressources

    • Daniel Naumann

      Hi, i like to give my Ansys programm more RAM and CPU usage.

      I cant find the where to change that. In forums i found this screenshot. I somehow need to get to this menu.

      Thx in advance.

    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Daniel,
      To get to this Menu, choose:
      Simulation Tab, then Analysis Config:

      You can also get there by:
      Tools->Options->HPC and Analysis Options
      Then Double-click on the Local Available Configuration

      That should get you to:

      Where you can change the number of CPUs and memory...

    • Daniel Naumann

      Thanks for the answer. But i cant find this Menus i need. I use the Workbench to then start "Fluid Flow (Fluent)" Modells and i cant find any Settings like this in the "Meshing" or the "Setup".

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