Good tutorial on the modeling of aerosols

    • sakwaboa
      Can somebody point me to a good tutorial on the modeling of aerosols? Specifically, we are trying to model water vapor aerosols (suspended water vapor molecules) in Nitrogen gas (primary fluid) in a cylindrical container with the following boundary conditions: the top surface is at a temperature T_low, the bottom surface is at a temperature T_high and the curved surface is at a temperature between T_low and T_high. These conditions are set for the initiation of Rayleigh-Bernard convection in the cylinder and to know the conditions that promote the formation, the size distribution, the residence time, and the dissipation rate of the particles.
    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee
      You may want to look into these tutorial examples. FYI, selection of the modelling approach depends on the volume fraction of the secondary phase. Ideally, DPM is preferred when the VF of secondary phase is less than 10-12%. Otherwise, Eulerian approach is better.

      DPM: Chapter 16: Effusion Cooling simulation in a 3D model Combustor (ansys.com)
      DPM: Chapter 18: Modeling Evaporating Liquid Spray (ansys.com)
      Eulerian approach: Chapter 21: Using the Eulerian Multiphase Model (ansys.com)

      If you are not able to access the links, please refer to this forum discussion: Using Help with links ÔÇö Ansys Learning Forum

      However, these tutorials are just for the reference as it won't cater your exact requirements. But I hope this helps!

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