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Got error when imported Cadence layout (.brd)

    • tbui2018


      I was trying to import Cadence layout from Ansys Suite EM 19.2 and got an error message "... Could not find an application extracta.exe" (see attached image).

      Please advise.

    • Karthik R
      Hello,nCould you please embed your screenshot directly into your post (instead of attaching the file)? As Ansys employees, we are unable to download attachments. nThank you.nKarthikn
    • varphi42
      Dear Kremella, all,nnI am facing the same issue with ANSYS Electronics Desktop 2020 R2 on Windows 10. Here is the error message. nAny help would be more than welcome.nThanksn
    • manny
      Ansys Employee
      Hi Varphi42,nYou need to have Cadence SPB 17.2 installed in your machine. Electronics Desktop is looking for the extracta.exe to translate your Allegro file but that is not present in your machine because you likely don't have Cadence installed.nBest,nMannynn
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