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GPU-parallelized UDF in new Ansys (2022 r2/2023)

    • Adrian Sieradzki


      I am for the moment stuck at 2022 r1 but looking to upgrade very soon. As I am writing some GPGPU code with OpenCL I am wondering if there is a better way in 2022 r2 and upwards (cant peek 2022 r2 at manual since its for some reason locked behind paywall), since these versions offer pure-gpu computation. Any considerations I should take to make my code transferable in the future once I upgrade?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If you open the software and then go to Help from there it'll bypass the password protection. I also suggest bypassing 2022R2 and go to 2023R1 or R2 (if you take your time - it's not out yet). 

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