Gradient Adaptation

    • Berny

      Good Afternoon,

      I am trying to simulate the interface between two immiscible fluids using VOF method. In order to capture the interface between the two fluids I am using an adaptive gradient mesh that refines at the interface between the two phases (see Fig. 1). Since the droplet is not always at the same position in the channel, I am also coarsening the mesh. In order to do that, I’ am using the following set-up of the mesh gradient adaptation (Figure1) which works properly.


      To reach this result I’ve tried many different combinations of threshold (refine + coarsen). I read that the Refine threshold is usually set at 10% of the maximum value, but I don’t understand why this simulation is perfectly working with a threshold of 1 for the coarsen threshold (which from what I’ve understood from the manual wouldn’t make any sense, and should be lower than the refine threshold value).


      I would like to understand why the case set-up like this works, even though according to your manual it should be set-up differently


      Many thanks in advance,




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