Granular Temperature

    • MMary

      Hi, is granular temperature accounted for if the DDPM model is used without the granular option selected? I assume with non Granular DDPM the volume fraction is taken into account in the conservation equations. But I'm wondering about the equations for the discrete phase? Is granular temperature i.e. the solids stress acting on particles modelled? Or is this only if the granular option is selected?

    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee
      When you select the DDPM model under Eulerian multiphase, DPM gets activated by default. Which means discrete particles are tracked using lagrangian equation of motion, irrespective of whether the phase is designated with granular phase or not.
      When the discrete phase is designated as granular phase, DDPM gets coupled with kinetic theory of granular flow, resulting into additional terms in the particle force balance equation. Here, the user gets the option to define the granular properties, including the granular temperature. As per my understanding, granular temperature is accounted only when the granular option is selected.
      However, if the discrete phase is not designated with the granular phase, the force balance equation won't have the additional terms:12.2.1. Equations of Motion for Particles (ansys.com)

      For more information, please refer to the following links:
      14.5.23. Dense Discrete Phase Model (ansys.com)
      14.5.16. Granular Temperature (ansys.com)

      If you are not able to access the link, refer this discussion:Using Help with links ÔÇö Ansys Learning Forum

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