Graphene Solenoids

    • AC257

      I am currently working on a project at University at Buffalo. The current aim is to check whether simulation of nano-scale solenoid is possible in a software like ANSYS/COMSOL. The target of the simulation is to be able to create a nano solenoid like structure using graphene, and then check it's electromagnetic properties. 

    • rmagargl
      Ansys Employee

      As long as the electromagnetic material properties such as permeability and permittivity can be described linearly or non-linearly at the macroscopic level for those dimensional scales then such a simulation would still be possible with ANSYS Maxwell, including the motion.  The macroscopic material property would need to be a continuous homonogenous or varying scalar or curve, such as the relative permeability or BH curve for magnetic materials.  Modeling the individual magnetic domains and their explicit boundary motion is not currently feasible in Maxwell at the microscopic level.  These effects are only captured at the macroscopic level, across myriad domains, for things such as hysteresis loss, magnetostriction, and non-linear saturation.

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