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Graphical Errors (glitches and weird colors) on Ansys 19.1

    • Noix_9

      I'm having some strange problems on Ansys 19.1. There seems to be a lot of graphical glitches on my geometry/meshing editors whenever I try to do something on DesignModeller or the meshing tools. It does not seem to affect functionallity but it's rather annoying.

      I think it has to do with my graphics card, I tried switching to the integrated one (Intel UHD620) from the dedicated one (Nvidia MX150) but neither works.

      Do you have any ideas? Looking forward to your comments. I'm attaching some images.

    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Noix_9,

      Unfortunately, as you may have seen the responses in other threads, the GeForce family is not tested/supported.

      However, you can try updating the graphics driver (both dedicated Nvidia and integrated Intel) to the latest available version.

      For your Nvidia GeForce MX150

      Windows 10 :

      Windows 7 :

      Thank you,


    • yakubfam

      yes, there is a difference if you use different class of vga.. in my case, i have tried using geforce GT 630 and GTX 1070.. there were graphical problems from GT 630, but not with GTX 1070.. i think you should upgrade your VGA to sum up..

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