Discovery Import

Discovery Import

Graphics Problems

    • pgarcia

      Hello All,


      I am facing problem with the graphics.

      I have checked compability( RTX 2080 Super) and downloaded the latest drivers, but I can not see the geometry. In Space Claim I see it but distorted.

      Thanks in advanced

    • Charudatta Bandgar

      Hello pedroare 

      The no geometry in the Discovery bug is identified before.

      The main cause of this is identified to be the latest NVIDIA driver version (457.77, or the entire 45x.xx driver series in some cases), which is working on some machines, but for some machines, it does not work. A workaround for this will be to revert back to the older driver version (426.78).

      A bug (Bug ID:323999) has already been filed for the same. Please refer to these two threads (12) which discuss this problem in detail.

      If the problem is not solved with the given suggestion, please let me know so that I can investigate further.

      For distorted geometry in SpaceClaim, I would need some more information to understand it better, is it with all the geometries?


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