Grating coupler simulation (https://optics.ansys.com/hc/en-us/articles/36004230)

    • dubey
      (1) 2D simulation already optimize the fibre position x then why we need to do it again in the 3d simulation.
      (2) Simulation does not optimize the pitch depth, why?
      (3) How does the simulation optimize  say grating pitch and duty cycle along with the fibre position x? Does it optimize it simultaneously or does it optimize one and then moving onto another,  so on…?
    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      It seems this question is for Lumerical, right?

      Lumerical has dedicated English, Chinese and Korean forums:




      Next time please post in the proper forum in order to get quick reply.


      A1: Your actual device is 3D; 2D simulation gives quick but not very accurate result.

      A2: You can optimize the pitch depth. However, in general engineers know the depth from their process technique. The optimized depth may not be doable in manufacturing.

      A3: optimization is alway simutaneously once you include all the parameters to be optimized.

      Please write new post in the Photonics forum if you have further questions.

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