grating S-parameters

    • djihad-amina.djemmah

      Hello, I have a question regarding the display of results. I am using the grating S-parameters  for my 3D simulations with 2000 frequency points, and my frequency range is from 200 to 400 GHz.

      The simulation takes a few hours, but after it finishes, the display of the results (S-parameters) also takes a few hours. Is this normal? Do you know why this might be happening?


      Thank you in advance

    • Greg Baethge
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Amina,

      Thank you for posting your question on the forum. The main issue here is the number of frequency points: the grating S-parameter analysis group calculates the S parameters at each frequency, sequentially (basically, using a for loop in the analysis script), so with 2000 points, the loop takes some time!

      The first question would be whether you need that many point? Is that the case?

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