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Grid Computing – is it allowed? # of cores available?

    • RDJ


      We have the Ansys Academic Mutltiphysics Campus Solution (10/100)-SimuTECS package.  The license runs off of a license server. - No issues with that.

      I have had a request about running CFX but off of a grid computing:

      Email snippet:ComputeCanada is a supercomputer facility that allows running Ansys on hundreds of cores in the parallel 
      mode, reducing the simulation time from months to a few days. 

      The request is to let the faculity access our license inorder to run ansys off of that grid of computers.

      Is this allowed under my current licenseing.  My understanding was for the product we have we have access to only 4 cores?? So the grid computing would be a moot point.  I want to get a better understanding on the number of cores and licencing relate to this request..

      This would be much earier to clarify if I was allowed to speak with my vendor about this issue but I am told I am only allowed to go through the forum for this case.


        R. Jones


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      The standard solver licence allows four cores parallel as that's a sensible number to speed things up but if you need more then the HPC (parallel) packs are used. So, for if you want to use up to 12, 36, 132 cores you'll need 1, 2 or three packs respectively. Note, if the documentation gives a slightly different number it's right: there are also Workgroups that just add a load of extra cores that are distributed as needed. 

      I can't comment on the licence terms. Please contact your licence provider (possibly Ansys?) and refer whoever responds to this thread. 

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