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General Mechanical

Grounded joints as boundary condition for Random Vibe analysis

    • Michael Dergance

      Hello all, 

      I'm trying to run a random vibration analysis in Ansys Mechanical 2022 R1 of a part that is constrained to ground through Bushing Joints which are used to capture bolt stiffness. The Random Vibration boundary condition requires a single constraint input and a grounded joint is not a constraint. Is there a way to get around this problem? 

      In Nastran I would create my Bushing element between my part and a node with a fixed constraint, but Ansys doesn't seem to allow me to create a Bushing Joint between my part and something that I can apply a fixed boundary condition on. My workaround has been to bring in geometry that I can set as Rigid and then apply a fixed constraint to that and create Bushing body-to-body joints between the part I want to analyze and this rigid foundation part. 



    • peteroznewman

      That is a good way to model the constraint to ground and include a Bushing element.

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