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H-H-Lee-Finite Element Simulations With ANSYS Workbench

    • Adisa

      Hi everyone,

      I founded a good book for introducing in Finite element simulation, Ansys.

      In this book has good examples that include dynamic explicit, nonlinear anlysis. The book is helped me.

      Best regards!

    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Adisa,

        Thank you for sharing. In the Spirit of the post, also check out this list of books posted by Paul



    • Adisa


      Thank you, most of this book is not free, in the future I hope that I will buy them.

      One more, thank you.

      Best regards.

    • rajhlinux

      Get the latest version of this book (2020-2018) that book link is terrible print copy and some parts in the chapter will not be relevant to Ansys 2020 to 2016

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