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Hampered by language. Spaceclaim enquiry.

    • Brian Buxton


      I am based in Japan but unfortunately, even after several years here, my Japanese is still very limited.

      I am trying to find the cost of SpaceClaim and what is included. I think my inquiries have been complicated now that it is sold as 'Discovery Modeling license' but the questions should be the same. 

      Is it possible to purchase my license from Japan but for support and other communication to be handled in English from the US, Australia or UK?

      My use is primarily reverse engineering and presentation. I have some questions about working with scan data, stl files and Keyshot rendering.

    • Charudatta Bandgar
      Forum Moderator

      Hello bbuxton

      If you are raising your questions on Discovery forum in English, you will get the support in English. Please let me know what your question is, and what help you would need from me. Is this any case specific issue with the communications you had with ANSYS previously?


    • Brian Buxton

      Hello Charudatta

      Thank you for responding quickly.

      My communication with Cybernet Japan has been over email using DeepL for translation.

      They have been very helpful but understandably answers to my questions are incomplete and it is very difficult to have a clear picture of costs and included features. The features of interest are reverse engineering, the repair tools for both mesh and CAD data and details about Keyshot integration and if this can be omitted to reduce costs. 

      Currently, I am using DesignSpark Mechanical and Fusion 360. I can work much faster in DSM than it is possible in Fusion360, so SpaceClaim seems to be a logical step.

    • Rob Shropshire

      bbuxton , we are a UK based reseller for SpaceClaim (now Disc Modeler) and have around 200 customers. We have plenty of customers doing Reverse Engineering and might able to help. Feel free to reach out to us via hello@origin-eng.co.uk

    • Brian Buxton

      Thank you Rob

      The origin-eng videos on YouTube, are very helpful.

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