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Harmonic analysis

    • Venkata Subramanian M

      I studied that the resonance will occur when the imposed frequency is equal to the natural frequency.

      In harmonic analysis i have been defined the range of frequency from maximum to minimum with damping ratio in mode superposition method .But i have the doubt regarding that the range i assigned is the imposed frequency range or else i need to define the natural frequency which i got from using Modal analysis of structure which would be analysed after assigned the required constraints in the geometry? (from mass participation factor)

      How would I find the resonance to occur after assigning the boundary condition as nodal force in the same structure in  harmonic analysis?  Sir/madam can you explain with some example?

    • Armin_A

      Hi Venkata,

      Boundary conditions (BCs) have a strong influence on natural frequencies of a structure. Once the BCs are applied, we use modal analysis to determine natural frequencies of the model. Next, we employ harmonic response analysis (once again, after the BCs are imposed and modal anaysis performed) to investigate the response of the model under a harmonic load.

      I recommend you check the courses below where you can find several examples:

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